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Lara & Adam – Vancouver Wedding Photography

From the moment they met, Lara caught Adam’s eye and moved his heart as it had never before been touched. The beauty, grace, and charm of Lara on her wedding day was captivating. Lara appeared ethereal in her Jenny Packham gown as she floated about in her exquisite Christian Louboutin shoes. Lara’s appearance was akin to water – able to calm the soul. Lara’s wedding day gift to her groom included an exquisitely restored antique Rolex timepiece that originally was a cherished possession of Adam’s great grandfather. Lara shipped the watch to Switzerland where Rolex craftsmen delighted in the opportunity to refurbish a rare Sir Edmond Hillary Edition Rolex which commemorated his groundbreaking 1953 ascent of Mount Everest. It’s not at all hyperbole to describe this as one of the most important wristwatches ever crafted, and Adam was thrilled to receive this as a memento of the most important day of his life. Although many days have passed, the beauty of Lara and Adam’s wedding ceremony continues to dwell richly in our hearts. Every detail was considered and precisely placed. Lara and Adam’s indelible outdoor ceremony took place at Brock House on a Vancouver summer’s day whose breathtaking sky could not be rivalled. It was inevitable that Lara and Adam would include the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club in their wedding day plans as Lara’s family sailboat “Selkie” is the precise location where Adam proposed marriage to Lara. It was here they paused to share a poignant champagne toast with family and close friends. Both Lara and Adam possess intoxicating personalities that transmit waves of positive energy into the lives of family and friends. Their influence on others was evidenced by the large number of people who travelled great distances to share in their special day. Lara and Adam have developed deep friendships over time and, in some cases, great distance. These people assume significant roles in their lives and are willing to do whatever it takes to continue to be a part of the beautiful lives they lead and share. Thanks for sharing your wedding day with us – we will cherish the memories for a lifetime. Click here to view all of Lara & Adam’s wedding photos.

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Lara & Adam – Vancouver Engagement Photography

Lara and Adam met in a very novel way. Lara and her brother Steven are siblings who share a very close relationship. They always want the best for, and watch over, one another. One of Steven’s closest mates is Adam. Steven and Adam have share countless adventures over the years and always “have each other’s back.” This set Steven’s mind in motion and the logic of his thought process went something like this… Adam is a terrific friend and outstanding person; Lara is a terrific sister and outstanding person; these two should be together! Steven’s powers of persuasion are clearly quite strong as, not long after Steven’s epiphany, Lara and Adam were dating. And not long after dating, they were engaged, and soon they will wed! Well done Steven! Click here to view all of Lara & Adam’s engagement photos.

Vancouver Engagement Photographer

Kathryn & Justin – Winnipeg Wedding Photography

Kathryn and Justin met through competitive cheerleading, but on this day, it was their family and friends who were cheering them on. Although it had rained a great deal in the days leading up to the ceremony, the weather on the wedding day was ideal. Kathryn and Justin’s touching outdoor ceremony was performed by Marc Derosiers at Breezy Bend Country Club, The ceremony included a unique “Love Letter and Wine Box” element, which featured a wooden box containing a bottle of wine, two glasses, and two love letters – one from each to the other. Their romantic “time capsule” was locked and will not be opened till their 1st wedding anniversary, when they will enjoy a very special evening. The wedding cake featured delicious cake pops & cupcakes prepared by the The Cupcake Corner. Thanks for choosing Winnipeg wedding photographers Rygiel Photography & Video.  Click here to view all of Kathryn & Justin’s wedding photos.

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Melyssa & David – Winnipeg Wedding Photography

Melyssa and David’s meeting story involves a grand romantic gesture. One day at school, David approached Melyssa and asked if he could kiss her. At first, Melyssa was taken aback but eventually David’s wish was granted. Their love for one another is found in moments of shared laughter, quiet walks, dinner dates and shared adventures! At one point during their ceremony at Holy Rosary, they turned around to see family and friends who had travelled from across North America, and the world, to help celebrate their marriage. This was a wonderfully touching, quiet shared moment. Throughout the day, laughter was shared and memories were made to add to Melyssa and David’s love story. It was a privilege to get to know Melyssa and David throughout the course of working together and capturing all the moments of their wedding day. Click here to view all of Melyssa & David’s wedding photos.

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